Promar Karate
190 Mitchell Rd S, Listowel, ON

Your Chief  Instructor

Shihan Mark Yates has been teaching martial arts since 1979. He is a 7th Degree Black Belt in the art of Goshinjitsu and a Four Time World Karate Champion. Shihan also holds Black Belts in Traditional Judo and Nihon Ryu Jujitsu. | More |

At Promar Karate, we develop personal growth through our karate program.
We teach students with patience, praise, and positive reinforcement.

Our students are urged to go at their own pace and compete only against themselves. Competing against yourself means to try and improve on your own performances and make yourself better, one thing at a time.

At Promar Karate our programs are run safely and with the right balance of fun and discipline. The classes are activity filled, no one sits on the bench.

Karate is a self-defense art, a health art, and a mental discipline offering many benefits to both kids and adults:

• Self-confidence
• Stress relief
• Functional fitness
• Self-defense skills
• Concentration skills
• Self-discipline
• Anger management
• Self-control

Student Creed

1) Respect country, parents, teachers, and one another.
2) Develop confidence of the mind, honesty of the heart, and strength of the body.
3) Make courtesy and patience guide words.
4) Fight not for selfish ends, but develop might for right.


We have two basic programs:
Family Karate for ages 5 1/2 to Adult
Private Lessons

In all programs self-control is emphasized. Students are taught to use their skills for self-defense only. | More |

Free Seminars
for your Club or School

You can come to our location or we can come to yours. We are always happy to introduce people to our art. We can do Kid’s Karate, Ladies self-defense, or Introductory Karate for Adults. All seminars are safe, fun, and are “go at your own pace” | More |