Welcome to Promar Karate

Karate teaches self-defense, respect for others, and good fitness habits! 

Offering classes in Listowel and Tavistock!

Our Dojos

Listowel Dojo


We have a full time club in Listowel that offers karate classes and private lessons from Monday to Friday. 

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Tavistock Dojo


We offer a one night a week program in Tavistock on Tuesdays. Our season is divided into 4 sessions - no contracts, memberships or monthly fees. 

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Karate Combines Fitness, Life Skills, and Self-defense

Learn Self-Defense

Self defense kids practice how to defend themselves

You will first learn to recognize dangerous situations and avoid fights. You will learn how to take the blocks, punches, and kicks we teach you into life saving self-defense moves. 

Our system will teach you how to defend yourself from standing attacks, ground attacks, and weapons attacks. 

Get In Great Shape


You'll get in great shape by doing the kicks and punches of martial arts. Bag work will help you develop strength. Kata and self-defense practice will improve coordination and develop cardio. Our warm ups will help increase your flexibility. 

We aren't just learning to fight bullies and bad guys, we're also fighting diabetes and heart disease. 

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Practice Positive Mindset


You will develop focus, concentration, and memory skills in our dojo. Karate is a mental discipline, and will teach you to go at things with a positive keep-at-it mindset. 

You will learn self-control and self-discipline. Temper control and stress relief are off shoots of a complete karate program.

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