We're having a great season in Elmira, Ontario


With a full-time location at 10 Church St W, we are excited to be teaching karate in Elmira

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Interested in trying karate?

We teach more than just self-defense. We empower our students with the mindset to achieve greatness. From high-fives to words of encouragement, we create a supportive community that motivates each other to do their best.
Full transparency, we do teach a fair amount of self defense (and how to keep ourselves safe without needing to use karate at all) in our fun and active classes. 

Benefits of Karate

Develop Focus

Build Confidence

Learn Self Defense

Reduce Anxiety


Ages 4 to 6

You will see your child develop more self control, gain confidence, and strengthen their focus. 

Our instructors have worked with a spectrum of abilities and our Kinderkick classes are designed for the developmental level of this age group. 

Every child is different when they come to their first karate class. Some of them will arrive excited and bouncing off the walls when they get here and others may need a little extra space to observe the environment and get comfortable. 

Try an intro lesson

You can start with a free orientation lesson to decide if our program is right for you.

Kids Karate

Kids Aged 7 and Up

Karate does more than teach self defense skills and improve physical fitness. 

Our classes will improve your ability to manage stress at school or work, will reduce anxiety, and will help build confidence and self esteem.

Teen and Adult Karate

Ages 13 to Adult

Martial arts training, no matter your age, is worth it. Teenagers and adults need physical activity to stay fit and healthy.

Our karate classes provide you with training in a fun, social setting.

Our karate program will teach you self defense skills, allow you to build strength and flexibility, and will help you manage stress and anxiety.

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These orientation lessons are a good way to find out if our program is what you’re looking for. 

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