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Grand Opening Special

8 Weeks of Karate + Uniform for $145+hst!

Thank you for checking out karate in Elmira!

We’re currently in the process of getting the dojo (martial arts studio) ready and will be ready to run orientation lessons on Monday, August 21st. 

At Promar Karate , our priority is to help you and/or your children learn self defense and karate skills, build your confidence, and lower anxiety and stress. Our instructors are here to learn your goals, and help you achieve them in a fun, exciting, and welcoming environment. 

Our programs for students ages 7 to adult begin with students coming out to two classes per week during the 8-Week Trial. The registration fee is $145+hst/student. 

Teens and adults can come out to both classes on Thursday evening back-to-back if that makes scheduling easier for you.

Our Little Dragons and Dragons programs begin with students coming out once per week during the 8-Week Trial. Registration for this age group is $125+HST.

At the bottom of the registration form there is a text box where you can add the names and ages of additional students.

You can send an etransfer to “”. Please include the name(s) of the students you’re registering. We will confirm that we’ve received your payment when we contact you to schedule your orientation lesson.

Registration fee per student ages 7-adult: $145 + $18.85HST = $163.85
Registration fee per student ages 3-6: $125 + $16.25HST = $141.25

We understand that it may be easier for some families to break the registration fee into two payments. If you’re going to do this, please send a $50 deposit per student.

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These orientation lessons are a good way to find out if our program is what you’re looking for. 

Like the lessons? Ask us about our Summer Special!