Karate Program designed for ages 3 to 4

Little Dragons

Your child will build their skills for movement, listening, and keeping calm in our safe and supportive classes that are specifically for children in this age group.

Thank you for checking out our Little Dragon Program

At our Elmira dojo we are offering a class that is specifically for our youngest karate students. Through age-appropriate activities and gentle guidance, we aim to foster their confidence, discipline, and focus. We look forward to seeing them flourish in their karate journey!


Benefits of Martial Arts

build confidence

Empowering students with the skills and discipline to overcome challenges and achieve personal goals.

Learn Self Defense

You will learn valuable personal safety and self defense skills.

Develop focus

Students of all ages are encouraged to concentrate on their techniques and forms, building mental clarity and discipline.

Fun & Safe Classes

Building body movement skills that are foundational for all sports.


Most frequent questions and answers

The Little Dragons Program is for ages 3 and 4. 

Every Little Dragon student will need a white karate uniform and a white belt. Safety equipment for sparring will also be needed, and the specific gear requirements depend on the belt level of the student. 

All uniforms and equipment can be purchased through Promar Karate.

When you arrive at the dojo shoes are removed at the entrance. We have seating for guests in the dojo and we’ll give you an guest form to fill out. 

We ask that parents/caregivers participate in the intro lesson.

The lesson reflects what we do in class. We’ll go over the safety rules and teach you how to bow. We will do a warm up, a karate technique, and a student evaluation. We end the lesson with a fun drill and/or bag-work (hitting the bag).

You’re welcome to look into the training room (dojo) from the lobby, or participate in the class as a Parent Coach at no additional cost.

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Start with a free orientation lesson! We will give you information about our program and the current schedule.

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